Pieces of Gravity

Pretending to be normal helps.

Month: May, 2013

Hard Candy

 Stone barriers guard

a gentle soul

Firm brows

provide a heavy veil

But blue irises

betray your compassion

You are hard candy personified

Too Bad

Vultures circled our union

I pushed

You pulled

We snapped

The distance between us became too much

Lost to us, one more chance

I’ve cried

No more

Have peace

Finally free

Too bad

Alter Ego

When the light exits

and the dark dances freely

your monster paces, waiting

for his prison to open

Naïve and willing

your guard  is breached

he toys with your innocence

stealing fragments of reality

An assassin of virtue, claws

at the walls of your mind

toiling mercilessly

to disturb your strength of will

Preys on fragility

the shadows within

competes for time

growing greedy with sin

Engage your war

you hold the key

he exists secondary to you

an isolated subordinate


While driving home yesterday, I spotted this little guy thumbing a lift.

Turtle 001-1

An avid animal lover/creature well-wisher, I couldn’t say no. Initially, my introverted passenger rested quietly on his, or her, side of the car, but that didn’t last long as he became a little too comfortable around 60 mph – leaving me no choice but to hold onto the little guy for the rest of the drive. Thankfully, he was accepting of my proposal, and we made it safely, without incident, to a quaint little pond. 

Turtle 009-1

Don’t worry. I didn’t just toss him; he could swim – I made sure:)


Pets 003-AUnder the azalea bush with pale pink blooms, a tiny brown mouse

who didn’t know any better, sat perfectly still—naively watching

the large black dog that rummaged curiously through the blossoms for him. 

Too young to fend for himself, I gave him his own little mansion

complete with a wheel, free rides in my shirt pocket

and fresh fruit each night—

mostly red grapes, those were his favorite, except for the peel.

He left those behind.

After six years with me, and for one last time,

he climbed into my hand and closed his eyes.

The next morning, as the sun rose,

I tucked him back into nature’s fold

under the azalea bush with pale pink blooms.

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