Playing With Monsters

by lynnkennison

You wanted to play the game

but you lost,

ignoring your angel

while you wore your cross.

The voices got in,

got in to your head,

to lead you wrong;

they weren’t your friends.

The signs,

the signs were there.

The signs,

the signs were clear.

The signs

….all around you….

And the monsters, they grinned

over your innocence.


A child you climbed,

naïve you fell.

You closed one eye

and surrendered yourself.

Deceived by power,

influenced by fear,

you couldn’t say, No

to your puppeteers.

The mirror, she lied

and took your soul,

turned it upside down

and wouldn’t let go.

You were a good little bee.

You did as they pleased.

You were a good little bee…

…and just another zombie.


Pulled by strings,

hollowed inside,

you’re not yourself,

you’ve lost your fight.

But it’s not too late

to change your mind,

and listen to your angel

one last time.

Because she never left.

Never once left.

She’s singing for you

to impress the dead.

Now open your eyes

and sever the strings,

claim your soul

and watch the grins fade.