Welcome Back Jack

by lynnkennison

As Jack turned down his suburban street, making his way back to his humble abode—a small pale yellow tract-house in a quiet neighborhood full of other pallid tract-houses—a horn sounded, forcing him off of the road.  In his younger days, he wouldn’t have stood for such an insult; he would have chased after them, but now he didn’t waste time with such nonsense, he just wanted to get home.  He had been gone for too long.

Jack tiptoed up the back stairs and peered quietly through his living-room window.  There she was, Sadie—the one woman he could not live without.  She sat in her chair quietly watching television in her light blue nightgown.  She came into his life a little over four years ago and nothing had been the same since.  Before Sadie, Jack felt the world turning against him; at every corner and crossroads he came to, animosity and hostility ruled.  And just when the evils of the world were about to consume him entirely, he met Sadie.  She gave him a chance when nobody else would.  She saw something in him worth saving and showed Jack a different kind of life, one that taught him to trust and love again—one that he could be proud of now.

Though he loved her so, he knew his return home would not be a joyous one.  She wasn’t fond of his all-nighters, but Jack simply couldn’t help himself, he had always been a bit of a free spirit. But even so, he would always come back to her, always, because there was nobody else for him.  If she could only see herself though his eyes, she needn’t worry.  Maybe it was a good sign the porch light was left on—an even better one that she had waited up.

Sadie noticed Jack peering through the window.  She gave him a stern look, but he begged her to come to the door.  She got up and walked over, boards creaking beneath each step.  She didn’t say much as the door squeaked opened, and Jack’s gaze lowered as he crossed the threshold and walked over to his orange plastic bowl lying next to the fridge.  There was a small brown biscuit left on top of his kibble, and Jack’s tail wagged knowing Sadie loved him still.