The Big Report

by lynnkennison

Arthur walked in and kissed his wife Linda on the cheek as she was pulling a roast from the oven. “Boy that smells good.  I’m famished after the day I’ve had.”

“Did you have a bad day, honey?”

“Oh, Ed is riding me about this big report still.”

“Sounds serious…Is that what kept you?”

“Yeah, but coming home to all of this is worth it.”

Linda gave her husband an endearing smile, “Listen, I hate to nag again, but the dishwasher is still making that funny noise. After dinner, could you take a look at it?”

“You know, I would, but I’m in for a real early morning if I’m to get this report done for Ed.”

“I didn’t realize Ed could be such a tyrant.”

“Well, be glad you’ve never seen him at the office. When things are late, he gets all red in the face and the curse words start flying.  He really is a different person.”

“What kind of report has him so worked up?”

“I don’t want to bore you with work.”

“Oh go on….I would love to hear all about it,” Linda insisted, and then listened as Arthur explained his reporting duties with generous detail, step by step. “Wow, just one person is responsible for all of that?” She asked after enduring his twelve-minute presentation.

Arthur smiled proudly.

“Oh, before I forget, Ed called. The painters still haven’t finished, so you’re on for golf again tomorrow.”

Arthur’s smile weakened at the corners.

“And he found your five-iron in with his clubs,” she smiled.

“So the dishwasher you say?”