by lynnkennison

She pretends

when she sees him

her pulse doesn’t race

but his magnetic blue eyes

are an electric maze

what’s behind them?

where do they lead?

what’s in his soul?

is it shallow or deep?

he has a hold on her

she’s in denial


She pretends

she doesn’t think about him

more than she should

what is the right amount  

 a foolish girl is allowed

to supplement her thoughts

with needless wonder

does he notice her?

does he know her name?

or the color of her eyes?

and the next time their paths cross 

what should she say?

too many questions

forbidden to ask

all unanswered

no one to blame


She will pretend

he’s a fleeting crush

this too shall pass

and when it doesn’t

she will…..

she will pretend it has

she is good

she is good

she will tell herself at night

being foolish isn’t easy


she will pretend

she will pretend

she is not

she is not