Pieces of Gravity

Pretending to be normal helps.

Month: July, 2013

Dark Angel

I shouldn’t listen

when you speak

shouldn’t acknowledge

you’re even there

I should run into

a corner, close my eyes

and say a prayer

But when I try

I hear your laughter

hear you say

it doesn’t matter

hope is lost

a game of chance

just a novice

I’ll be damned


Madness clings

to your wings

gives you purpose

drives your force

builds you up

grants you more

So you’re confident


but narcissistically

inclined to forget

your madness

weighs you down

obstructs your view

spins you round

And as you spiral

out of control

your wings lose flight

and let you fall


I close my eyes

and say a prayer

I pray in silence


My Little Shelter Pup

You haven’t any idea

the meaning you bring

to my world

You give everything

you have

and expect nothing

in return

A natural wonder

to be so pure

after the hand you

were dealt

The life you endured

But now you are mine

and in return

I am yours

 Rolo 4

for my newest best friend: Rollo Dogmasi


I love you

I hate you

and every emotion

in between

I like you

I despise you

you drive me crazy

and insane

You are equally


and innocent

both wise

and naive

I feel everything for you

Nearly impossible

to calm the wakes

Waves rolling over me

flooding salt

through my eyes

You, my dear

have become

a colossal riptide

Dragging me under

the deeper waters

flowing rampant

through my mind

I’m not sure I want

to be here

Not sure

I can survive

the deep end

of my emotions

my drowning fortitude

One day

I’ll learn to swim

and keep my ocean

free of you


She has been freed

From a secret hell

Unwanted feelings

Spiraling down

Suffering silence

She sought to escape

Rescue sanity

Her saving grace


Made possible

By their denial

Her only gain

From downward


She needed to fall

So she could rise

Needed darkness

To bring her light

Damaged halo

In her hand

One step forward

She ascends


You saw the bad

Because you could

The world was against you


I was your candle

Against the night

A small sense of hope

A tiny burst of light

But I have failed you

My light is gone

You sit in the dark

But not alone


Since most of my fiction spends time slushing through slush piles, not too many pieces make it on here.  The wonderful editors at Postcard Poems and Prose saved one of my shorts Snapdragons.  If interested, take a peek:)


For Me

Yay! I won this awesome painting today.

For me

Meet the talented artist, Agata Lawrynczyk….


I promise to give your artwork a loving home, Agata!


I am a shadow

An empty shell

A mere silhouette

Of my former self

I am drained

I am dried

Nothing left

But shady lines

I have shattered

I have cracked

Searched for the pieces

And put them back

But they have lost

Lost their structure

So I imitate

Pretend to be her




It has been gnawing at her

and gnawing at her

that feeling she hides

Trying to claw

its way through

her heart

and her mind

Pretends to be innocent



and polite


foreign moods

with no use

hand her over

to the night

He’ll be Dammed

His voice


long after

he leaves her

Follows her

from one minute

to the next

Reminding her

she is a prisoner

inside her own head

She can’t make him


no matter

how hard she tries

She doesn’t

have a say

about what

goes on

in her mind



isn’t the issue

but sanity is

She desires

good sense

and understanding

not to listen

and resist


She’s afraid of

what might become

of her

She feels hopeless

and lost

She wishes

to grow strength

and make

the madness


For once

she wants to

occupy high

moral ground


seeks out a dam

to obstruct

forbidden thoughts

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