by lynnkennison

My reflection tells me

Something is wrong

For starters, my reflection

Shouldn’t speak to me

Am I that far gone?


She uses my voice, my tone

But not my thoughts

I should be worried

Or scared

But for some reason, I’m not


If she is my reflection

Then she should do

As I do

But as I wave my hand

She doesn’t move


She doesn’t look like me either

The girl with hollow eyes

What did she do with my image?

Where did she take it?

Who gave her the right?


She claims she is me

The real me, on the inside

My soul is troubled

She tells me

And my soul cannot hide


Too many questions

With no one to ask

Only my distorted likeness

Tormenting and taunting me

Through a shiny piece of glass


I am good, I am good

I continue to say

But she laughs at me

And laughs at me

In her wicked little way


I remove her from the wall

To prove I am in control

I’ll show her

Who is broken

And smash her on the floor


I sweep up the shards

And hide them away

I’ll be good

I’ll be good

….beginning today