Pieces of Gravity

Pretending to be normal helps.

Month: August, 2013

Every Morning

I see you at first light

silhouette in the clouds

mural full of life

essence overhead

Far afield, you are

out of reach to us below

Yet your touch

I still feel

Your love

I still know

Your ache

ever present

My heart

suffers void

Peering to the clouds

you are my genesis

every morning


Maybe That’s Me

I want to be good

I know I should

so why am I not?


Doing things right

should feel nice,

why do I struggle?

Why do I fight?


I hear

there’s good in us all

Where does mine hide?

Why do I stumble?

Why do I fall

time after time?



I am

addicted to feeling

raised once more


Redemption reliant

Salvation dependent

Atonement compulsive

Impulsive redress

Persuading duress



that’s me


One More Time

If I could hold one day in my hand

It would be this day

To have

And to hold

To hear again

And see again

Over and over

Your laugh, your smile

Listen to your stories

As you told them

Bask in your sunlight

One more time

The Storm

Heed the storm

the squall


horizons darkened

something’s amiss

tornadoes forming

inside your chest

downpours flooding

your soul with fear

thunder hounding

freeing chaos



without resolve

a storm is forming

feel the roar

a storm arrises

without regard

seal your castle

seal it well

distracted hope

will let you drown

sand castle

Mix by Hand

A young girl, home from college, is mixing brownie batter in a bowl when her mother enters the kitchen.  It’s her first attempt at baking without any help, but she’s in college after all; she doesn’t need any help!  She has directions.

Her mother notices her hard at work.  “What are you doing sweetie?”

“Making brownies.”

Her mother thinks for a moment and then peers over her daughter’s shoulder curiously.  “But why are your hands in the batter?”

The daughter can’t help but feeling a little frustrated.  “Because it says so…right here.  Mix by hand,” she informs her all-knowing mother.

“I don’t mean to criticize hon, but you do know they mean to use a spoon, right?”

She reaches for the dish towel, “Damn it,” she huffs.

“No wait.  Keep your hands in,” her mother urges.


Her mother is gone.  “I need my camera!”

You and I

Perchance, both you and I

could be great

beyond intense





But our days  

have not harmonized

not endured

not yet

nameless wonders

bringing together

worlds apart

But one day maybe

someday perchance

we’ll embrace fate alike

swim the same ocean

view the same horizon

walk the same edge

share the same dance

and if we’re lucky

write the same ending


both you and I

when the time is right


Looking up from my chair

I notice a spider

spying on me

he or she

is on the outside of the window

peering in


looking at me

But I am not afraid

spiders don’t scare me

not the little ones anyway

nor the ones on the outside

looking in

they easily leave their webs

find another

and disappear

But why does it stare?

What it is thinking?

What does it want?

Why is it there?

I get up to tap the glass

I am fearless

in my approach

I pause momentarily

when it moves

from my side

of the window

I scream

But not that much

just a little

I am bold

a simple pur

does the trick

outstretched paws

I hit the glass

I am fearless

hear me roar


With You

Following a heated argument, a wife tells her husband she’s had it.  She’s leaving!  He watches silently as his wife of many, many years places a suitcase atop their marital bed and begins packing her things.  He walks over to their closet, fishes for something and then positions another suitcase right next to hers.  She watches as he begins filling it with his own material possessions: socks, boxers, t-shirts and so on.  Curiosity finally gets the better of her. “Where are you going,” she asks him. 

He drops his toothbrush in, “With you.”  He eyes his swimming trunks hanging behind her, “How long do you think you’ll be?”

Edified Souls

Don’t take my sorrow

Don’t remove my pain

Thoughts in limbo

Heart inflamed

My aches are


Aided by ghosts

I cherish my pain

Treasure my sorrow


I relish my tears

They help me mourn

Cleanse the horizon

The world I know

I remember each one

Each one of my ghosts

Shadow by shadow

Edified souls

Beautiful Girl

Beautiful girl

you’re too quick to love

and too swift to rush

into your own ruin


you forget

the path leads down


you overlook

the simple routes


God didn’t make a bird

without first

making the sky

so take your time

before you fly

through channels

of rejection or pain

because naive girl

you may break

those promising wings

against hopelessness

against greed


One day

your sky will be finished

One day

your path will be free

Don’t rush perfection

and love every flaw

Beauty possesses a heart

and the heart

makes the girl

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