Mix by Hand

by lynnkennison

A young girl, home from college, is mixing brownie batter in a bowl when her mother enters the kitchen.  It’s her first attempt at baking without any help, but she’s in college after all; she doesn’t need any help!  She has directions.

Her mother notices her hard at work.  “What are you doing sweetie?”

“Making brownies.”

Her mother thinks for a moment and then peers over her daughter’s shoulder curiously.  “But why are your hands in the batter?”

The daughter can’t help but feeling a little frustrated.  “Because it says so…right here.  Mix by hand,” she informs her all-knowing mother.

“I don’t mean to criticize hon, but you do know they mean to use a spoon, right?”

She reaches for the dish towel, “Damn it,” she huffs.

“No wait.  Keep your hands in,” her mother urges.


Her mother is gone.  “I need my camera!”