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Month: September, 2013

Through the Door

Bruised souls

Shattered earth

Beneath us lies

the old world

but a new door beckons

a new door opens

and who knows

we may return


To the way things were

or to new beginnings

but the greatest chance

is through the door

The path outside

a step unknown

leaving crumbs

to follow home


Hollow in here

echoes dance

follow your heart

your only chance

The only way back

is letting go

so through the door

this way go

This I Know

Whichever road

I’m not alone

My soul still grows

This I know

Walking home

Emotions down

I’m buried deep

You lead me out

Avenue’s abyss

Bypassing rifts

No longer scared

I’m prepared

For what comes next

Of what’s ahead

The old roadblocks

Stepping stones

The detours now

Are growing cold

Seek the warmth

This I know

Heed the light

Leading home

Second Chance

Metal battered

Crushed and shattered

The earth’s embrace

Upon your face

No memory of

Your prior events

But now you’re given

A second chance

You see the world

Through childlike eyes

Vibrant view

A butterfly

Fate collided into you

Brought you clarity

Your soul anew

In this life

You are not done

A second chance

Your way comes


For my mom who’s been blessed with a second chance this week.

Every day is gift!


Somewhere in the world

there’s someone just for me

Somewhere out there

my soul’s twin

thinks of me

I bet he watches the stars

from his back

against the grass

pulling tranquility down

deep inside his chest

Under his celestial umbrella

he lies in harmony with the night

his pulse a soft drum

somewhat like a whisper

or a sigh

I should think

he listens relaxed

while coyotes serenade

He listens to them fondly

as his breath fades away


As he lies awake

the night belongs to him

It is my hope

he is wondering

if I too

shall exists

I do, I do exists

I watch your stars too

I soak in the night

in harmony with the moon

Come find me

my soul’s twin

before the night has passed

I am counting our stars

with my back against the grass

My Dreams

My dreams take on life

imaginings divine



grandeur desire

wishful thinking

my mind making fire

burning down walls

between reality

and dream  

through the embers


hopeful visions arise

fanning the flames

images scattered

tattered over time

floating upward an onward

toward my castle

in the sky

Thank You, Brenda

Okay, I am still pretty new to blogging, and I have recently been gifted two awards from the lovely Brenda over at http://friendlyfairytales.com/

I hope I’m doing this right.  And sorry, I have taken so long to display the awards. I had some unforseen circumstances pop up, and I wanted

to give this my full attention.

The two awards are:


The Liebster Award


I think I’m also supposed to answer a few questions I found on Brenda’s site.

so here goes…..

1. What makes you smile? God, My family, My friends, My dogs, and ice cream

2. What makes you sad? Homeless pets

3. What motivates you? ice cream:)

4. How would you describe your personality? Easy going, sometimes shy

5. What do you least enjoy doing in life? Taking my car to the body shop:(
6. What is your favorite song? I have plenty, but I guess I’ll name just one: Demons, by Imagine Dragons
7. What is your favorite quote and why? I don’t usually retain quotes so I’m going to quote a movie line: And now we are Free. I will see you again… but not yet… Not yet! It’s from Gladiator, and I like it because it speaks of the afterlife.
8. How do you relax? Writing, hiking with my camera or watching a good movie
9. What is your favorite food? Ice cream:)
10. Why do you blog? I love to write and I love the WordPress community


So thank you, Brenda, for thinking of me. I enjoy your fairytales, poetry, pics, and the new videos you have begun posting.  Hope to see many more:)


For now

we cannot be

but a part of you

will continue with me

As long as I breathe

and I am on this Earth

your part

will steer me true

guide me through

this loud, hazy world

Your part, a beacon  

radiance among the dark

My loneliness


to featherlike dawn

On my own

but never alone

a part of me

continues to grow

The part of me

you still hold

and the part of you

that carries on

Last Sun

Her beauty


butterfly distressed

crushed by life

doesn’t know

who she is

cannot deny

demons’ entice

devils withhold

truths untold

inside it’s war

she grows cold


She hides behind

her innocent smiles

no one the wiser

but she finds herself

wrapping up her soul

in counterfeit framework


She lies to herself

she lies to her friends

she lies to God

when she pretends

she’s under control

her demons trained

she can make things right

on any given day


Anytime she wants

atonement, amends

absolved of her wrongs

washed of her sins

but she relies

on too many tomorrows

for giving sins away

and too easily, she forgets

a girl may run out  

having spent all her yesterdays


Wakeup foolish girl


before it’s too late

morning has begun

would be a shame

for a girl to sleep in

on her last rising sun

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