Last Sun

by lynnkennison

Her beauty


butterfly distressed

crushed by life

doesn’t know

who she is

cannot deny

demons’ entice

devils withhold

truths untold

inside it’s war

she grows cold


She hides behind

her innocent smiles

no one the wiser

but she finds herself

wrapping up her soul

in counterfeit framework


She lies to herself

she lies to her friends

she lies to God

when she pretends

she’s under control

her demons trained

she can make things right

on any given day


Anytime she wants

atonement, amends

absolved of her wrongs

washed of her sins

but she relies

on too many tomorrows

for giving sins away

and too easily, she forgets

a girl may run out  

having spent all her yesterdays


Wakeup foolish girl


before it’s too late

morning has begun

would be a shame

for a girl to sleep in

on her last rising sun