Thank You, Brenda

by lynnkennison

Okay, I am still pretty new to blogging, and I have recently been gifted two awards from the lovely Brenda over at

I hope I’m doing this right.  And sorry, I have taken so long to display the awards. I had some unforseen circumstances pop up, and I wanted

to give this my full attention.

The two awards are:


The Liebster Award


I think I’m also supposed to answer a few questions I found on Brenda’s site.

so here goes…..

1. What makes you smile? God, My family, My friends, My dogs, and ice cream

2. What makes you sad? Homeless pets

3. What motivates you? ice cream:)

4. How would you describe your personality? Easy going, sometimes shy

5. What do you least enjoy doing in life? Taking my car to the body shop:(
6. What is your favorite song? I have plenty, but I guess I’ll name just one: Demons, by Imagine Dragons
7. What is your favorite quote and why? I don’t usually retain quotes so I’m going to quote a movie line: And now we are Free. I will see you again… but not yet… Not yet! It’s from Gladiator, and I like it because it speaks of the afterlife.
8. How do you relax? Writing, hiking with my camera or watching a good movie
9. What is your favorite food? Ice cream:)
10. Why do you blog? I love to write and I love the WordPress community


So thank you, Brenda, for thinking of me. I enjoy your fairytales, poetry, pics, and the new videos you have begun posting.  Hope to see many more:)