by lynnkennison

Somewhere in the world

there’s someone just for me

Somewhere out there

my soul’s twin

thinks of me

I bet he watches the stars

from his back

against the grass

pulling tranquility down

deep inside his chest

Under his celestial umbrella

he lies in harmony with the night

his pulse a soft drum

somewhat like a whisper

or a sigh

I should think

he listens relaxed

while coyotes serenade

He listens to them fondly

as his breath fades away


As he lies awake

the night belongs to him

It is my hope

he is wondering

if I too

shall exists

I do, I do exists

I watch your stars too

I soak in the night

in harmony with the moon

Come find me

my soul’s twin

before the night has passed

I am counting our stars

with my back against the grass