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Month: October, 2013

My New Book

I wanted to reblog this very nice poem from The Charioteer. They put out a call for subject material and I replied with starting over, turning a leaf. I really like what they’ve done with the idea.

Poetry by The Charioteer

I turned a new leaf of my life.

I am writing a book with new chapters and characters.

I am not the protagonist but it’s my point of view.

I am the narrator of this story.

It is not a story you can read and laugh about.

Not a story that will make you cry.

Not a story of shipwreck or thunder,

Nor of lost love or anger.

No wizards or aliens, nothing extraordinary.

It’s a story about an ordinary person.

It’s a story about me.

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Playing With Monsters

Reblogging one of my favorites.. Happy Halloween Everyone:)

Pieces of Gravity

You wanted to play the game

but you lost,

ignoring your angel

while you wore your cross.

The voices got in,

got in to your head,

to lead you wrong;

they weren’t your friends.

The signs,

the signs were there.

The signs,

the signs were clear.

The signs

….all around you….

And the monsters, they grinned

over your innocence.


A child you climbed,

naïve you fell.

You closed one eye

and surrendered yourself.

Deceived by power,

influenced by fear,

you couldn’t say, No

to your puppeteers.

The mirror, she lied

and took your soul,

turned it upside down

and wouldn’t let go.

You were a good little bee.

You did as they pleased.

You were a good little bee…

…and just another zombie.


Pulled by strings,

hollowed inside,

you’re not yourself,

you’ve lost your fight.

But it’s not too late

to change your mind,

and listen to your…

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Girl in Progress



Held beneath his gaze



Her heart’s seen better days

The upside of loss

Emotions moving up

The downside of love

Feeling too much

Her rivers wind down

Currents flowing smooth

Her skies clear up

Stars passing through

No reason to run

No reason to rush

When time decides to shift

Her world will open up

No pretending


Steady as she goes

One foot behind the other

Destinations unknown

No more thunder in her thoughts

No more rain behind her eyes

The morning sun slipping in

Filling fractures, healing time

Running Through the Dark

She finds her loneliness


Thoughts keeping company

Warmth in the dark

Steady before she falls

Time wrapping around  

Hands floating away

Life standing still

In a memory cascade



Girl without a chance

Heart leaning back

Resting against a wall

Talks to her soul

Answers unknown

Running though the dark

Steady before she falls

Sweet Disaster

There’s good in you

But you fight it

Every step

Under guard

Pure and tainted  

A mixed composite


You pretend

Everything’s great

Life is fine

More the opposite

Away from others

Confusion dines


A sweet disaster

A perfect storm

Sugar-coated ruin

Against the rocks

A dark horizon


Everyone loses

Count yourself

You’re a mess

Love nobody else

Surrender Naught

So tired

But cannot rest

Moving slow

Thinking less

An empty shell

Dwindles down

Blowing away

Yanked around

Uneasy feelings

Darkness resides

Around the corners

Resolution hides

Conditions impair

Before they improve

Survive your storm

Weather through

Succumb to nothing

Surrender naught

Shelter your soul

Repair your thoughts





it doesn’t matter

Holding back

Losing track

Don’t let it win

or overpower

Control on the surface

Chaos underneath

Turmoil on the inside

Hold it in and repeat

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