Pieces of Gravity

Pretending to be normal helps.

Month: November, 2013


Utmost intentions

Always thinking with your heart

Your soul has pepper

Spattered dark spots

No one is perfect

To the extent they may seem

Please don’t trust

Rely much or even believe

The betrayers, pretenders


Fakes or liars

Hosting counterfeit kindness

Displayed for exhibition

Expecting recognition

While you remain anonymous

In their seamless worlds

Sporadic imperfections

Buried propaganda

Moralities on vacation

Acknowledging your dark side

Gives you the edge

You struggle with your thoughts

But don’t hide that they’re there

No pretending that you’re faultless

Wholesome, great or pure

You say you’re quite the opposite

But promises lean on your heart

So you compromise with what seems right

And don’t lie that things are good

Going head to head

With the voice in the mirror

No right to be heard

But you listen and you learn

When the bad marches on

You focus on what’s clear

The pepper isn’t failure kid

Your blemishes make you real

The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen’s reign

leaves a dark wake

a trail of broken hearts

a downpour of pain

Except that of her own

she keeps hers in a box

kept out of reach

guards her polar heart


Before she’s judged

take a closer look

To her, bitter is safe

resentful is good

protects her from love

things that could hurt


She didn’t become cold

not on her own

so she makes them pay

leads them on

bleeds their hearts

crushes their souls

She creates their pain

to be saved from her own

Steps over the kings men

to get what she wants

Protected from love

upon her throne


Afraid Not


of just existing

not really living

Becoming absent

from who you really are

Backed into a corner

Held between the lines

Pretending too much

Playing too nice



with yourself

for putting up walls

for caging yourself in

and closing yourself off

not listening to your soul

when it screamed at the door

not speaking your mind

when it wanted to say more



that you’re getting get mad

but the walls were built by you

Nobody else

So what do you do?

Get mad at yourself

Don’t just move them around

Start breaking them down

Break! Smash! Pound! Collapse!

Work on getting out



Living your life


One day

you will start

Until then, let the smiles in

Does that mean you’re pretending?

Afraid not


You are a girl who thinks the whole wide world

is full of happily ever afters

To you, happy endings are stored away

and passed around to everyone

Fairy tale wonderment

Dreams coming true

Easier said than done

Not everyone gets one

not even a dreamer like you

Wake up naive girl

before reality slaps you

fractures your world

makes you someone you’re not

scrapes your knees

bruises your soul and makes you bleed

For once, let go of how you think life should be

Be yourself

forget the rest

Be thankful for what you do have

When it rains, dance

You’ll be happy you did

Happily is what you make it

Sometimes bittersweet

Sometimes short and sweet

But don’t tuck it away

don’t save it for last

Fill the pages in between

Be a dreamer

but be a dreamer

with a past


Often, I’ve wondered

if we are broken souls

are we considered lost

Or perhaps we can carry our shattered pieces along the way

Carry our damages with us, gently bear them across the miles

If we’re allowed, I’ll reach down into the dirt with both of my hands

sweep my pieces into a box

Hold on tight

with all my strength

Move my feet

 against the flood

the downpour of my life

Build a bridge

make amends

with all my wrongs

all my sins

Until I tip the box

on its side

and watch my pieces

settle back into place



The Heart Collector

My dear girl

he is a rock

A rock through your window

Broken glass in the sand

He will cut you deep

Set you back

But you can’t look away

Can’t say, No

Can’t comprehend

Even though you’re told

He is a heart collector

Good guy pretender

A charming soul bender


He wants to be loved

but it’s never enough

Save yourself

step away from the ledge

Hold onto your heart

Don’t take the chance

Is he worth it?

Maybe so

Can we live without our hearts?

I don’t know

How deep and dark

is the rabbit hole?

Will you see him at the top

when he walks away with your love?

Will you climb back out

when it isn’t enough?


Sitting at the bottom

all by yourself

Who will reach down

and pull you out?

Something to ponder

Something to remember

It’s not that easy

loving the heart collector

Work in Progress

I saw an angel today

Sitting quietly

Watching traffic go by

No wings displayed

But showing his heart

Through his eyes

Tranquility on his face

Not a worry in his mind

An angel no doubt

A message to me

Never alone or without

Good points in my life

No trouble too deep

No alley too dark

He is watching me

And it’s okay to fall apart

I am salvageable

I am redeemable

I am a work in progress

Great love in my heart

Lifting from the depths

Chapters keep writing

Keep filling with text

When my ink runs dry

I’ll see my angel

Beside me

Unfolding his wings

Displaying his heart through his eyes

Buried Beneath a Smile

Buried beneath a smile

Lies the best little lie

Nothing’s as it seems

Nightmares and dreams

Life of turmoil

A hurting girl

Lost in a maze

But searching her way

Through dark roads alone

She doesn’t belong

But never once scared

She shouldn’t be there



No need to hide

A hurting girl’s plight

No need to worry

All part of her story

She walks with laughter

Before and after

And masking her

Morning and night

With the best little lie

Everything’s fine

Buried beneath a smile

Don’t Quit

Reaching out carefully

Searching reality


Time moves slower

Playing with scissors

Ledges get higher

Challenging gravity

And raindrops get colder

With no umbrella

Try not to fall

Cutting the strings

Take a leap of faith

To find your wings

Open your eyes

Appreciate the rain

Leave your mark on the world

Don’t give up on your dreams

Open doors

Move walls

Become your own hero

Embrace your flaws

Don’t quit when your dark angel wins

There’s a better one looking over your shoulder

Willing to forgive

Willing to drive away your sorrow

Wanting to heal your pain

Hold your hand

Give you hope

Pave your way

Breathe in

Breathe out

Don’t quit

Not now



Winter Hearts

From here

I can see where I should be

Childlike imaginations running free

Hoping for the best

Somewhat trying

Somewhat sad

But life doesn’t stand still

Not for anyone

Down the road’s for looking back


Watching the special moments

Rewind, replay

Pause on the smiles

Certain memories last a lifetime

Winter hearts seek the sun

Running from the shadows

Life has begun



Why bother

Not today

Nothing is lost

Just tucked away

Save it for tomorrow

Down the road’s for looking back

Childlike imaginations looking up

Seeking out wonder

Hoping for the best


Winter hearts begin to thaw

No pretending

Living on

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