The Heart Collector

by lynnkennison

My dear girl

he is a rock

A rock through your window

Broken glass in the sand

He will cut you deep

Set you back

But you can’t look away

Can’t say, No

Can’t comprehend

Even though you’re told

He is a heart collector

Good guy pretender

A charming soul bender


He wants to be loved

but it’s never enough

Save yourself

step away from the ledge

Hold onto your heart

Don’t take the chance

Is he worth it?

Maybe so

Can we live without our hearts?

I don’t know

How deep and dark

is the rabbit hole?

Will you see him at the top

when he walks away with your love?

Will you climb back out

when it isn’t enough?


Sitting at the bottom

all by yourself

Who will reach down

and pull you out?

Something to ponder

Something to remember

It’s not that easy

loving the heart collector