by lynnkennison

You are a girl who thinks the whole wide world

is full of happily ever afters

To you, happy endings are stored away

and passed around to everyone

Fairy tale wonderment

Dreams coming true

Easier said than done

Not everyone gets one

not even a dreamer like you

Wake up naive girl

before reality slaps you

fractures your world

makes you someone you’re not

scrapes your knees

bruises your soul and makes you bleed

For once, let go of how you think life should be

Be yourself

forget the rest

Be thankful for what you do have

When it rains, dance

You’ll be happy you did

Happily is what you make it

Sometimes bittersweet

Sometimes short and sweet

But don’t tuck it away

don’t save it for last

Fill the pages in between

Be a dreamer

but be a dreamer

with a past