by lynnkennison

Utmost intentions

Always thinking with your heart

Your soul has pepper

Spattered dark spots

No one is perfect

To the extent they may seem

Please don’t trust

Rely much or even believe

The betrayers, pretenders


Fakes or liars

Hosting counterfeit kindness

Displayed for exhibition

Expecting recognition

While you remain anonymous

In their seamless worlds

Sporadic imperfections

Buried propaganda

Moralities on vacation

Acknowledging your dark side

Gives you the edge

You struggle with your thoughts

But don’t hide that they’re there

No pretending that you’re faultless

Wholesome, great or pure

You say you’re quite the opposite

But promises lean on your heart

So you compromise with what seems right

And don’t lie that things are good

Going head to head

With the voice in the mirror

No right to be heard

But you listen and you learn

When the bad marches on

You focus on what’s clear

The pepper isn’t failure kid

Your blemishes make you real