Sunrise Phoenix

by lynnkennison

She hasn’t changed

but knows she’s not the same

Pieces still linger

before they float away

And somehow the light shines

through mascara framed eyes

while black rivers flow south

one drop

at a time



standing on a ledge

conversing with gravity

holding fate in her hands

Leaning back to move forward

hope aflame in her chest

Embers ignite, awakened in flight

The death of old scars

in a crimson horizon

The night sky burns

cinders of past verve

Hollows of yesterday

flicker away


Tomorrow hasn’t changed

but will never be the same

Pathways opening wide

intertwined, leading out

A new beat, reborn

A worn heart, melted down

Sunrise phoenix

arising from the depths

rearranging her ashes

brushing off death