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Month: March, 2014

Line After Line

So WordPress gave me a clue (with that little thing that flashes in the upper right hand corner) that someone’s blog account has turned a year old.  Whose you may ask?  MINE!  ﴾๏‿๏﴿ O’RLY?  Really, WordPress? Say it ain’t so…!  A whole year has gone by??  Seems as though it was just last month I found you  ♥‿♥ and we clicked.   But wait… YEP, I count twelve of them too.. An entire year!  My goodness, Pieces of Gravity is a year old now..(ᵔᴥᵔ)  Where has the time gone?!  Oh, WordPress, look at us..  Happy Anniversary to me. You’re thoughtful to remember :))  I have enjoyed our time together.  Much so!  And thank you to anyone and everyone who has stumbled upon my simple page and read some of my rambling poetry efforts – with a few silly short stories sprinkled in here and there.. You rock! Big Time!

And for those of you who have clicked the reassuring Like ★ button or posted your kind and thoughtful comments > much love and big suga’s to you 🙂

❤ SugasSugas!Suga 4 U

Because of you, I have been handed a little faith in my writing and found myself eager to keep going.  I L♡VE YOU WordPress community and the encouragement you provide! xoxo


So here’s a little something about me and the past 12 months..  Line After Line

In the past year, I have


I have cried

Made new friends

Thought, a lot


Sat in silence

Remained calm

Remained quiet

Sometimes words

just got in the way, even when

I thought

I knew what to say

Words held in reserve

Contended unspoken

Better off rearranged

I let the voice inside


in some other way

They still exist

pieces of my life

I am

a cascade of feelings

line after line

PS – My Friday gets better.  My friend Adrea over at  http://adreainwonderland.wordpress.com/ nominated my blog site for this…….. liebsterTada!

I’ve got to read all the rules and answer a few questions, okay a little more than a few, but THANK YOU ADREA!!  Much appreciated! I love reading your site too.  You crack me up!! Mwah!


It was just a matter of time

until the streets unwound

Everything fell

White lies became known

dark nights befell days

Realization set in

you were wrong

way back

from the start

from the beginning


Work your way back


This time, do it right


it takes practice

to guard your heart

to live your life

But once you do, don’t look back


Hit play

Take charge

Learn to survive

on your own

With all your heart

With all your soul

Old Bones

A swap in the season

Creatures of habit

Have lost their pattern

Old bones in procession

Go into hiding

No longer haunting

No command in their say

Quiescent in the dark

Voices of yesterday

Taking their rest, fading away


Tomorrows amending

Present days adjust

Revolutions uprising


Learning to trust

Voices of wisdom

Good sense, intuition

Two feet on the ground

Dreams wide awake

Old bones left behind

New hopes on parade


Silhouettes tread softly

Trying to keep up

Skeletons of past

Find forgiveness

Old bones become dust

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