Line After Line

by lynnkennison

So WordPress gave me a clue (with that little thing that flashes in the upper right hand corner) that someone’s blog account has turned a year old.  Whose you may ask?  MINE!  ﴾๏‿๏﴿ O’RLY?  Really, WordPress? Say it ain’t so…!  A whole year has gone by??  Seems as though it was just last month I found you  ♥‿♥ and we clicked.   But wait… YEP, I count twelve of them too.. An entire year!  My goodness, Pieces of Gravity is a year old now..(ᵔᴥᵔ)  Where has the time gone?!  Oh, WordPress, look at us..  Happy Anniversary to me. You’re thoughtful to remember :))  I have enjoyed our time together.  Much so!  And thank you to anyone and everyone who has stumbled upon my simple page and read some of my rambling poetry efforts – with a few silly short stories sprinkled in here and there.. You rock! Big Time!

And for those of you who have clicked the reassuring Like ★ button or posted your kind and thoughtful comments > much love and big suga’s to you 🙂

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Because of you, I have been handed a little faith in my writing and found myself eager to keep going.  I L♡VE YOU WordPress community and the encouragement you provide! xoxo


So here’s a little something about me and the past 12 months..  Line After Line

In the past year, I have


I have cried

Made new friends

Thought, a lot


Sat in silence

Remained calm

Remained quiet

Sometimes words

just got in the way, even when

I thought

I knew what to say

Words held in reserve

Contended unspoken

Better off rearranged

I let the voice inside


in some other way

They still exist

pieces of my life

I am

a cascade of feelings

line after line

PS – My Friday gets better.  My friend Adrea over at nominated my blog site for this…….. liebsterTada!

I’ve got to read all the rules and answer a few questions, okay a little more than a few, but THANK YOU ADREA!!  Much appreciated! I love reading your site too.  You crack me up!! Mwah!