Pieces of Gravity

Pretending to be normal helps.

Month: May, 2014


Part of her wanted to know

but a piece already knew

He wasn’t for her

Not the one

But he made her smile

made her laugh

made her want

made her forget

the world was spinning

Time paused

But it was clear

as the hands of time

caught up

The world rushing by

Curiosity and life

He could make her smile

a normal kind of love

And that was enough

to recognize

emotions restricted

and limited

He couldn’t be the one


he couldn’t make her cry

Hey You

Hey you,

Do you bury your darkness?

the darkness within

Or do you pretend?

Feign the shadows aren’t there?

Not a dark cloud in sight

No troubles,

nothing to fear

The whispers

too soft to listen

too faint to be real

But they’re there my dear

Pay attention, you’ll hear

genuine reminders

we’re not perfect

not free from sin

No one is


Do you acknowledge your weaknesses?

Or disregard their appeal?


doesn’t mean we’re weak


or inferior

Just means the climb is higher

on the road back up

Redemption is near

Feel the ground

Go ahead my friend

consider your path



to find

a resolution

to confusions

sorting out your vices

Smirking at your shadows

fading in their silence

back in their



on you

and your direction

Avenues are lit

Hey You

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