The Value of a Tear

by lynnkennison

Seeking inspiration

through the cracks

and pulling back

what I don’t understand

Telling myself, all the while

who I am, who I am

The voice within

made stronger in the void


bouncing back

resonance above the storm

Trickling of words

pooled around my feet

darkened drops upon a cheek

Clenching my sorrows

within my palms

holding them tight

remaining calm


I can see within the eye

a pause between smiles

is no reason to give in

But, more so

a chance for motivation

giving the fire inside




Recognizing the value of a tear

and the weight

of what put it there

Embers ignite

showing the dark days

I can appreciate their ways

every once in a while

I can smile through the cracks


looking back

way back

before the dawn

Awakened by a tear

the fires still burn

embers of past verve