Pieces of Gravity

Pretending to be normal helps.

Month: November, 2014

The Darkness of Doubt

The more she tries to hide it

fight it

it haunts her

and taunts her

until she doesn’t want to be her

The one she has become

not anymore

The girl who doesn’t trust

loves on conditions

terms and provisions

Runs from a problem

and can’t admit it

The unknown is too much

for her to control

Her heart is a pendulum

back and forth

hot then cold

seeking solace

then stirring things up

squinting at dawn

after swinging though dusk

She craves to love wholeheartedly

one day

before her heart freezes over

To be familiar with feelings

free of restrictions

and the strings that hold her down

Free of childish insecurities

and the darkness of doubt

Crazy Heart

You’re feet found solace

but they’re losing their hold

You keep one foot

in front of the other

so nobody knows

the ground has begun to quake

beneath your soles

Not trusting your own shadow

has allowed you to stumble

So you’re searching for new routes

new avenues

and stepping over cracks

Because you don’t want to impose

be in the way

or hold anyone back


Life has a way

of shaking you up

waking you up

Tapping you on the shoulder

making you think

making you wonder

Should you be here?

Should you stay?

Should you go?


should you wait

for everything to fall apart

in its own way?

Cause your own destruction, perhaps

and lose a good thing

Bring about the end

a bit prematurely

because you’re convinced

everything does come loose


in the end

And you can flee from the ruins

all in good time

and all on your own

Because alone you are safe

you think


think once more

crazy heart

before you run

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