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Thank You, Adrea :)


Hi…… I finally got around to completing the requirements (all centered around the number 11) for the Liebster nomination sent over to me by Adrea in Wonderland  . Love her! So if you’re curious, here you go….

The 11 Questions Adrea picked:

1. Whyyyyy do you like…me? Okay just kidding. Describe your blog in five words. Shimmery darkness with optimistic shades

2. What inspired you to start blogging? Rejection letters. Ha!

3. Do you ever want to throw your hands up in the air and stop blogging? I take short breaks now and then – okay some have been somewhat longish- but never ever do my hands want to fly up in the air and just give up.

4. Are you currently in love and with what or who? I’m in love with my best friend.  I think he loves me too.  Or maybe he just realizes I’m the only one that can feed him and walk him.

5. How many times have you been in love? Once, I think. Maybe twice.

6. Do you identify as carnivore, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, or something I haven’t mentioned on here? Carnivore sounds brutal, but I do eat meat.  I tried a vegetarian diet once.  Lasted about a year.  I have a weakness for cheeseburgers 😦

7. Does internal health or external beauty influence your healthy food choices more? and if you don’t ever choose healthy, tell us why. Hmmmm… A bit of both, I guess. I do recognize certain foods tend to travel straight to my hips. I try to eat smaller portions and exercise regularly so I don’t have to say goodbye to yummy eats entirely. I also don’t want to feel like crap all the time, so I minimize the amount of snack foods I keep in the pantry.

8. When you get two spare hours, do you chill or play? Chill.  Because I play during the remaining hours.

9. What is your favorite activity? Go ahead, say what you want. Chilling with my nephew. He’s 5.  And thinks I’m 6.

10. Sexting, yay or nay? Blushing. My goodness. Yay?  Nah, nay… My nana could be reading!  Nay Nana, nay!  Orrrrr is it……. 😉

11. One wish is granted to you – what do you wish for?  More wishes… LOL


11 random facts about me….

  1. I own a guitar, but can’t play.
  2. I want to learn how to play the guitar.
  3. I once had a pet mouse for six years.  His name was Gus Gus 🙂
  4. For my 5th birthday, my parents gave me a puppy.  Instead of putting a bow on said puppy, they thought it was clever to gift wrap a bag of dog food.  I cried because I thought they gave me dog food for my birthday.  I pouted, “But I don’t like dog food.” Man I was a brat!
  5. My sister is my best friend.
  6. My sister is younger, but I tell people she’s the older sibling… hehehehe
  7. I’m not a morning person.
  8. Can’t function without caffeine.
  9. I love to play jokes.  Just played one on my boss.  I’m dying! I think it’s hilarious to scare people.  Air horns are awesome!
  10. I will never scare my dog again!
  11. I could eat pizza twice a week.  Maybe three times.  I won’t say 4 – cause that’s just bananas.  But I wouldn’t pass it up.. I’ll say that much!


Then I was asked to come up with 11 questions created by my own curiosity for the 11 nominees of my choosing. Here are my 11 questions in no particular order:

  1. What makes you smile?
  2. What’s your favorite part about blogging?
  3. How many times a day do you log onto WordPress?
  4. How many text messages would you say you send a day?
  5. How many emails would you say you send a day?
  6. Do you use emoticons (◕‿◕)
  7. How do you relax?
  8. Do you enjoy cooking?
  9. Will you cook for me? JOKE! Favorite dessert?
  10. Favorite movie?
  11. What has been your favorite posting since you’ve been a blogger?


And my 11 nominees are:

  1. Words4jp’s Blog

  2. Happinessecrets
  3. Scarlett’s Sanity
  4. A Week From Next Thursday

  5. Poe Eternal 
  6. Katie Yorke Sunset Avalanches
  7. phalanxcrush

  8. with no one but Me.

  10. LessOn More [News]
  11. Park Art


Line After Line

So WordPress gave me a clue (with that little thing that flashes in the upper right hand corner) that someone’s blog account has turned a year old.  Whose you may ask?  MINE!  ﴾๏‿๏﴿ O’RLY?  Really, WordPress? Say it ain’t so…!  A whole year has gone by??  Seems as though it was just last month I found you  ♥‿♥ and we clicked.   But wait… YEP, I count twelve of them too.. An entire year!  My goodness, Pieces of Gravity is a year old now..(ᵔᴥᵔ)  Where has the time gone?!  Oh, WordPress, look at us..  Happy Anniversary to me. You’re thoughtful to remember :))  I have enjoyed our time together.  Much so!  And thank you to anyone and everyone who has stumbled upon my simple page and read some of my rambling poetry efforts – with a few silly short stories sprinkled in here and there.. You rock! Big Time!

And for those of you who have clicked the reassuring Like ★ button or posted your kind and thoughtful comments > much love and big suga’s to you 🙂

❤ SugasSugas!Suga 4 U

Because of you, I have been handed a little faith in my writing and found myself eager to keep going.  I L♡VE YOU WordPress community and the encouragement you provide! xoxo


So here’s a little something about me and the past 12 months..  Line After Line

In the past year, I have


I have cried

Made new friends

Thought, a lot


Sat in silence

Remained calm

Remained quiet

Sometimes words

just got in the way, even when

I thought

I knew what to say

Words held in reserve

Contended unspoken

Better off rearranged

I let the voice inside


in some other way

They still exist

pieces of my life

I am

a cascade of feelings

line after line

PS – My Friday gets better.  My friend Adrea over at  http://adreainwonderland.wordpress.com/ nominated my blog site for this…….. liebsterTada!

I’ve got to read all the rules and answer a few questions, okay a little more than a few, but THANK YOU ADREA!!  Much appreciated! I love reading your site too.  You crack me up!! Mwah!


It was just a matter of time

until the streets unwound

Everything fell

White lies became known

dark nights befell days

Realization set in

you were wrong

way back

from the start

from the beginning


Work your way back


This time, do it right


it takes practice

to guard your heart

to live your life

But once you do, don’t look back


Hit play

Take charge

Learn to survive

on your own

With all your heart

With all your soul

Old Bones

A swap in the season

Creatures of habit

Have lost their pattern

Old bones in procession

Go into hiding

No longer haunting

No command in their say

Quiescent in the dark

Voices of yesterday

Taking their rest, fading away


Tomorrows amending

Present days adjust

Revolutions uprising


Learning to trust

Voices of wisdom

Good sense, intuition

Two feet on the ground

Dreams wide awake

Old bones left behind

New hopes on parade


Silhouettes tread softly

Trying to keep up

Skeletons of past

Find forgiveness

Old bones become dust

Pretty Pieces

We are fragments of our days before

pieces of ourselves, surviving

pushing onward

Memories living on

in our hearts and souls

Keeping us who we are

without letting go

because our pretty pieces don’t rust

they don’t fade, or runaway

They lay with us

speak in soft whispers

Flickers of light

Internal flames

Reminding us

life doesn’t stop

not when things get rough

and the hands don’t slow for the good ones either

but reach out

sweeping memories into the archives of our hearts

The hands of time

never pausing, never gathering dust

or getting lost in the confines of the dark

We are who we are

pieces and all

on top of the world

learning how to fall

Sunrise Phoenix

She hasn’t changed

but knows she’s not the same

Pieces still linger

before they float away

And somehow the light shines

through mascara framed eyes

while black rivers flow south

one drop

at a time



standing on a ledge

conversing with gravity

holding fate in her hands

Leaning back to move forward

hope aflame in her chest

Embers ignite, awakened in flight

The death of old scars

in a crimson horizon

The night sky burns

cinders of past verve

Hollows of yesterday

flicker away


Tomorrow hasn’t changed

but will never be the same

Pathways opening wide

intertwined, leading out

A new beat, reborn

A worn heart, melted down

Sunrise phoenix

arising from the depths

rearranging her ashes

brushing off death

Running Free

Running free

No limits

No pain

Just heaven’s light on your face

Wind at your feet

You were extraordinary

Can’t take that away

You gave them your all

Your everything

Your heart, your spirit

And when they needed a champion

You looked in their eyes

And conveyed, I’ll be She

No limits

No pain

Now you are free

Free to roam

Free to run

Free to soak in the sun

in the valleys beyond

To chase down the horizon

run until dawn

Your earth-shaking thunder

 getting across

I’ll be She

Forever their champion

Now and forever

 Your heart running free

Babe _1

For Babe – AKA: I’ll be She

R.I.P. 5/1/87 – 12/2/13

A born champion, we will miss your heart and drive


Utmost intentions

Always thinking with your heart

Your soul has pepper

Spattered dark spots

No one is perfect

To the extent they may seem

Please don’t trust

Rely much or even believe

The betrayers, pretenders


Fakes or liars

Hosting counterfeit kindness

Displayed for exhibition

Expecting recognition

While you remain anonymous

In their seamless worlds

Sporadic imperfections

Buried propaganda

Moralities on vacation

Acknowledging your dark side

Gives you the edge

You struggle with your thoughts

But don’t hide that they’re there

No pretending that you’re faultless

Wholesome, great or pure

You say you’re quite the opposite

But promises lean on your heart

So you compromise with what seems right

And don’t lie that things are good

Going head to head

With the voice in the mirror

No right to be heard

But you listen and you learn

When the bad marches on

You focus on what’s clear

The pepper isn’t failure kid

Your blemishes make you real

The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen’s reign

leaves a dark wake

a trail of broken hearts

a downpour of pain

Except that of her own

she keeps hers in a box

kept out of reach

guards her polar heart


Before she’s judged

take a closer look

To her, bitter is safe

resentful is good

protects her from love

things that could hurt


She didn’t become cold

not on her own

so she makes them pay

leads them on

bleeds their hearts

crushes their souls

She creates their pain

to be saved from her own

Steps over the kings men

to get what she wants

Protected from love

upon her throne


Afraid Not


of just existing

not really living

Becoming absent

from who you really are

Backed into a corner

Held between the lines

Pretending too much

Playing too nice



with yourself

for putting up walls

for caging yourself in

and closing yourself off

not listening to your soul

when it screamed at the door

not speaking your mind

when it wanted to say more



that you’re getting get mad

but the walls were built by you

Nobody else

So what do you do?

Get mad at yourself

Don’t just move them around

Start breaking them down

Break! Smash! Pound! Collapse!

Work on getting out



Living your life


One day

you will start

Until then, let the smiles in

Does that mean you’re pretending?

Afraid not

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